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January 2021:  The Impact of Oregon’s Prevailing Wage Rate Law 

October 2, 2020:  The Effects of Repealing Prevailing Wage in Wisconsin,
Impacts on Ten Construction Market Outcomes

2020 -HB 4358 Committee Roll Call Vote to Kill E-Verify of Workers

Public Citizen Study:  The Price of Inaction - a study of construction worker safety - construction cost, October 2012

Study of Construction Employment in Marcellus Shale Related Oil and Gas Industry,  Dr. Robert Bruno University of Illinois , 2014

Adverse Impact of Repealing Prevailing Wage, Executive Summary, M. Kelsay, January 22, 2015 

Adverse Impact of Repealing Prevailing WageDr. M. Kelsay Full Study, January 22, 2015

The Effect of Prevailing Wage Law Repeals and Enactments on Injuries and Disabilities in the Construction Industry, Public Works Management & Policy, February 2019

The Effect of Prevailing Wage Repeals on Construction Income and Benefits, Public Works Management & Policy, February 2019

UMKC-MEPI Study Impact of Repealing West Virginia's Prevailing Wage Law, Economic Effects on the Construction Industry and Fiscal Effects on School Construction Costs May 21 2019

Job Classification Booklet, Work Force West Virginia, Nov 9 2015 Prevailing Wage Definitions

Kentucky Report 2014 Philips : the benefits of prevailing wage

KRC Pennsylvania Prevailing Wage Study October 2011

Methodology Summary - Work Force West Virginia 2015 Prevailing Wage

Minnesota  and Wisconsin Lawmakers Took Divergent Paths, as  did their economies, Economic Policy Institute Report, a review of the conservative versus progressive policies enacted by both states.

School Building Authority Analysis of Project Costs and Wage Rates Pre and Post Prevailing Wage Appeal, March 2017  Report Authored in response to WV House Finance Committee questions during routine Agency Budget Hearing.  Report indicates no savings in cost of school construction.  The 5 schools for the price of 3 is a myth.

State Prevailing Wage Laws Reduce Racial Income Gaps In Construction, Illinois Economic Policy Institute, February 28 2018

January 14 2021:  The Costs of Wage Theft and Payroll Fraud in the Construction Industries of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois Impacts on Workers and Taxpayers

December 2020:  Post Audit Report WorkForce West Virginia Worker Misclassification

The State of American Wages 2017, Economic Policy Institute Report issued March 3, 2018.  Rising inequality means that although we are seeing broad-based wage growth, ordinary workers are just making up lost ground rather than getting ahead.  

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