PERC Report 1998 - A report by the Peoples Election Reform Coalition that shows campaign contributions by types of contributors.

Davis Bacon Works, Prevailing Wage Laws Are Good For America.  Professor Dale Belman, Department of Economics, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and Professor Peter Phillips, Economics Department, University of Utah (February 28, 1998) 

Super Tax Credits 1997

West Virginia's Agenda For Fair Taxation ACT Report on Governors Fair 
Tax - An analysis of Governor Underwood's tax reform proposals. The report looks at the proposed new taxes and estimates the effects on working families.


Apprenticeship Study Building Trades Apprenticeship Training in West Virginia.  A Comparison of Union and Non Union Building Trades Programs in the 1990s.  Sarah S. Etherton, Stephen L.Cook and Robert V. Massey Jr. WVU Extension Service Institute for Labor Studies and Research.  May 2002.

BCTD Apprenticeship Final Report ; April 2005.  This report reveals that almost every Associated Builders and Contractors apprenticeship program fails to provide this training to the majority of its apprentices.

Cost of Construction Report by the Polymer Alliance Zone; Final report issued February 2002.  The goal of this project is to compare key construction cost and condition factors of the polymer industry in the Polymer Alliance Zone, Inc. of West Virginia with those in other States in the region. 

Heavy Highway Report - Wages Productivity and Highway Construction Cost, Updated Analysis 1994-2002.  Report  produced by the National Heavy & Highway Alliance. 

Construction Cost:  New 2009 study shows responsible contractor policies do not raise the price of construction and can provide many benefits to local communities.

A Comparison of Public School Construction Costs, In Three Midwestern States that Have Changed their Prevailing Wage Laws in the 1990's, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan; by Peter Philips, Ph.D. Professor of Economics, University of Utah, February 2001.

Maintaining Quality Work and Middle-Class Jobs in Construction, by Mark Price Keystone Research Center. Prevailing Wages affect on the economy.

Prevailing Wages and Government Contracting Costs, Nooshin Mahalia, Economic Policy Institute.  Analysis shows that most researchers have found that prevailing wage regulations in practice do not increase government contracting costs.

The EPI is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank whose mission is to inform people and empower them to seek solutions that will ensure broadly shared prosperity and opportunity.  Visit them at www.epi.org 

Maintaining Quality Work and Middle-Class Jobs in Construction, by Mark Price Keystone Research Center. Prevailing Wages affect on the economy, March 2009

Project Labor Agreement Study, 2010

Corporate Income Taxes in the Bush Years , September 2004; A Joint Project of Citizens for Tax Justice & the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy by Robert S. McIntyre Citizens for Tax Justice

WV Tax Credit Disclosure List 2007,  Release Date Dec 5 2012 

Neighborhood Investment Nondisclosure-WV Tax Credit Report 2007 Release date Dec 5 2012

WV Tax Credit Disclosure 2003 Report

Neighborhood Investment Nondisclosure-WV Tax Credit Report 2003

WV Tax Credit Disclosure 2002 Report

Neighborhood Investment Nondisclosure-WV Tax Credit Report 2002

WV Tax Credit Disclosure 2001 Report

Neighborhood Investment Nondisclosure-WV Tax Credit Report 2001