The Executive Board of the West Virginia State Building and Construction Trades Council consists of one representative, usually the Business Manager or Business Agent from each affiliated local union craft  or local district council,  and a representative from each local building Trades Councils.  The Executive Board usually meets the second Wednesday of each month in the first floor conference room of our Offices at 600 Leon Sullivan Way.  For more information, please call Dave Efaw.

-State Building Trades Officers-
President - Chuck Parker
Secretary/Treasurer - Dave Efaw

Boilermakers Local Unions - Brian Hussell                    

Carpenters Local Unions - Scott Brewer 

Electricians Local Unions - Joe Samples                      

Insulators Local Unions  - Ron Piersol, Jr.

Iron Workers Local Unions - Brad Winans

Laborers Local Unions - Craig Harvey                      

Millwrights Local Unions - Jesse Stacy

Operating Engineers Local Unions - Chuck Parker  

Painters Local Unions -  Dan Poling            

Plasterers & Cement Masons Local Unions - Chris Womack                      

Plumbers & Fitters Local Unions - Mike Rhodes                     

Roofers Local Unions - Jeff Mullins                      

Sheet Metal Workers - Jim King

Teamsters - Ralph Winter   

Charleston Building Trades
Paul Breedlove 

North Central WV Building Trades 
Natalie Stone

Parkersburg-Marietta Building Trades
Buddy Malone

Tri-State Building Trades
Mark Johnson 

Upper Ohio Valley Building Trades
Eran Molz

"If you work for a living, we're working for you." ™

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