About Us

The West Virginia State Building and Construction Trades Council is an umbrella group comprised of local  building construction trades unions and their members who work in West Virginia and the border counties of our neighboring states.  The Council is affiliated with the Building and Construction Trades Department, AFL-CIO.

Our objectives include: 

(1) to aid and assist all affiliated local unions in the building and construction trades industry;
(2) to assist and cooperate with all bona fide labor organizations in order that we may present a solid phalanx against injustice;

(3) to promote and advance apprenticeship training and to cooperate with Federal and State agencies promoting the interests of apprenticeship training; 

(4) to promote the development of safety and health programs; 

(5) to aid and assist all affiliated local unions in securing improved wages, hours and working conditions through the process of collective bargaining; 

(6) to promote Labor/Management and the development of a more harmonious feeling between union employers and their union employees;
(7) to aid and assist affiliated local unions in organizing the unorganized employees in all branches of our jurisdiction and to provide services to those who are organized; to assist educational advancement and training; 

(8) to engage in cultural, civic, political legislative, fraternal, educational, charitable, welfare, social and other activities which further the interest of building and construction trades unions, their members and the neighborhoods where they live and work.

Those construction trades crafts affiliated with the West Virginia State Building & Construction Trades Council include:

Our Executive Board is comprised of individuals representing each craft within the building trades, usually a Business Agent of one the Locals, and also includes one representative from each of our five affiliated Local Building Trades Councils.

The Affiliated Construction Trades (ACT) is the research, advertising and public relations arm of the West Virginia State Building Trades.  The objectives of this Division are: 

(1) to aid and assist all affiliated local unions within the construction industry in all lawful activities as may from time to time be appropriate; 

(2) to aid in marketing the construction trades and construction trades unions; 

(3) to aid in providing construction contract bid information to interested parties when it is in the best interests of ACT, the Council and our members to do so; 

(4) to provide legal services to aid in the achievement of the goals of ACT; and, 

(5) political action functions. 

ACT functions as a watchdog of public works projects making sure there is a level playing field for fair competition and trying to ensure that the public's tax dollars are spent appropriately.  ACT also strives to deliver a message to the general public about important issues facing West Virginia's working families regardless of union affiliation.  

The Affiliated Construction Trades  is proudly funded by union construction workers who care about not only the construction industry but all issues affecting working families.  

"If you work for a living, we're working for you."

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